Top Scores  as of  2/28/2019                    


Leprechauns defeats Goin Hoggin – 92 to 63

Borg Warner defeats Jeff’s Ref’s – 68 to 66


HIGH SCORERS                   

Leprechauns – Hayden 21 points

Goin Hoggin – Stefan  22 points

Borg Warner – Tank 27 points

Jeff’s Ref’s – Calvin  25 points

End of the season Standings

1 seed – Leprechauns 

2 seed – Goin Hoggin

3 seed – Borg Warner

4 seed – Hoosiers

5 seed – Jeff’s Ref’s

 Tournament will start next week: 3/14/2019. 

Seth Nicklaus will be texting the captains letting them know what time they’ll be playing.                                                                               

Call 815-284-3306 for emergencies after hours

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