Pickleball Donation

Pickleball Donations

  • We are looking for community support for a new pickleball complex! No donation is too small. There are multiple levels of sponsorship: $2,500- Court Sponsorship – 6 available- Each court will be signed with the name or logo of its sponsor $1,000- Gold– Your name or logo will be on a bronze plaque near the entrance of the complex $500 Silver – Your name or logo will be acknowledged on permanent signage at the complex. $100 Bronze- Your name or logo will be on temporary signage that will surround the complex.
    For good and valuable consideration, the undersigned releases the Dixon Park District; all of its cooperating agencies; and the elected commissioners, administrative officers, and instructors and agents of said parties, from any and all claims of whatever nature for any injury, loss, damage, accident or expense arising from or out of the participation in the Dixon Park District Recreation Program, and further agrees to further indemnify and hold harmless all of said parties above enumerated against claims and for all costs and reasonable attorney’s fees arising out of or in any way connected with the participation in the recreation program. The undersigned hereby releases and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless all of said parties above in regards to person or persons the undersigned includes or invites to participate with them in any activity. In case of inclement weather, the race will be cancelled. Thank you for your donation.
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