Board Info

President Ron Pritchard

Secretary Keith Aurand

Rodney Frey

Jerry Pauser

Anthony Venier

Your elected officials can be reached at 815-284-3306 or [email protected]

Your elected Board of Commissioners of Dixon Park District meets on the third Wednesday of every month at  6 PM at the Dixon Park District Office, 804 Palmyra Street.   DURING THE PANDEMIC PLEASE CHECK THE AGENDA AS MEETINGS MAY BE HELD VIA ZOOM WITH THE PUBLIC ABLE TO PARTICIPATE VIA THE INTERNET OR A PHONE CALL.

Public attendance is encouraged.

Agendas are posted on this website each month and on the front door of the Dixon Park District Office. We would also be happy to mail an agenda upon request.  

Visitors are listed on every agenda and they have an opportunity to speak during this time. Click below for a list of our Board Meeting dates.

Board Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes